Senior citizens can find a wealth of “best of” lists on, including best assisted living facilities, best dental and vision insurance for seniors, best online dating sites for seniors, best to-your-door meal delivery services, best senior cell phone plans, best walk-in tubs and a list of the best prescription discount cards.

Recently, the website also listed the safest states for seniors to retire to.  The rankings define safety in five different dimensions: the amount of fraud reported per 100,000 residents in each state (the lower the better), the monthly housing cost for renters (lower is better), the percent of residents over age 65 who are living in poverty (ideally not high), the average annual rate of violent injury death among residents 65 and older, and the percentage of seniors living alone compared with the state’s overall population.  The rankings are below, with each state’s ranking in each of the five categories among all states (lower numbers indicate superior rankings):

  1. Iowa (Fraud: 3rd; Housing: 5th; Poverty: 3rd; Violent injury: 12th; Living alone: 3rd.)
  2. Nebraska (Fraud: 5th; Housing: 11th; Poverty: 9th; Violent injury: 14th; Living alone: 29th.)
  3. South Dakota (Fraud: 2nd; Housing: 2nd; Poverty: 17th; Violent injury: 8th; Living alone: 40th.)
  4. Minnesota (Fraud: 11th; Housing: 27th; Poverty: 4th; Violent injury: 9th; Living alone: 25th.)
  5. Utah (Fraud: 7th; Housing: 30th; Poverty: 2nd; Violent injury: 38th; Living alone: 1st.)
  6. North Dakota (Fraud: 1st; Housing: 12th; Poverty: 39th; Violent injury: 6thd; Living alone: 34th.)
  7. Indiana (Fraud: 26th; Housing: 13th; Poverty: 12th; Violent injury: 21st; Living alone: 21st.)
  8. Kansas (Fraud: 19th; Housing: 16th; Poverty: 10th; Violent injury: 22nd; Living alone: 27th.)
  9. New Hampshire (Fraud: 21st; Housing: 37th; Poverty: 1st; Violent injury: 19th; Living alone: 22nd.)
  10. Wisconsin (Fraud: 12th; Housing: 20th; Poverty: 15th; Violent injury: 13th; Living alone: 41st.)