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Our Investment Philosophy: “Your Plan To Prosperity”

We have seven key principles that have guided us from Day One. These tenets reflect the essence of how we help our clients work toward their financial dreams and wealth goals.
1. Your Best Decisions Are Powered By Planning®
2. Long-Term Success Requires Mid-Term Adjustments
3. Taxes Are a Drag
4. Cost Matters
5. Diversification Is Important
6. Asset Allocation Is Key
7. Your Future Is Assured

Your Best Decisions Are Powered By Planning®

To guide you, we must first clearly understand you and your unique goals. Together, we will prepare a plan for your prosperity. Your current situation combined with your future goals and dreams constitute the foundation of your plan. Insights secured from the plan guide us to make the best investment, insurance, income tax, and estate planning recommendations. Your plan will provide you with the clarity you need to confidently make your best decisions going forward.


Long-Term Success Requires Mid-Term Adjustments

Our planning process looks out over your future so you can try to make the best decisions now. As your financial future evolves, we are there with you to update your plan, reassess assumptions, and make mid-course adjustments to further improve your long view. The same holds true for your portfolio. Many advisors ignore a client portfolio after it is set up, and don’t review it until you call. At Manchester, we actively monitor your portfolio and strategically adjust it to your unique situation as economic, tax, and political conditions evolve. You worked hard for your money, so it should do the same for you.


Taxes Are a Drag

The most important number isn’t what you earn, it’s what you keep. Superior results can be achieved at three levels: tax-efficient asset allocation, tax-wise asset location, and tax-savvy strategy implementation. Tax planning is a real specialty and most advisors only have classroom-level knowledge. Our advisor team has prepared thousands of returns over the years, so we know firsthand how to guide you and your CPA.


Cost Matters

Low cost index funds or exchange traded funds have powered our portfolios for over a decade. As independent advisors since 1990, we do not accept any commissions. Thus, each and every decision we make is based on how we can increase your return, lower your risk, and improve your future. Our first concern isn’t maximizing the fee you pay us, it’s lowering your costs. It’s not about us, it’s all about you.


Diversification Is Important

A diversified portfolio is designed to achieve higher returns with less risk by investing in assets that have unique characteristics. While diversification does not work all the time, it has been proven time and time again to work over time. That is what makes asset allocation so important.


Asset Allocation Is Key

While diversification can help increase return and reduce risk on the margin, asset allocation accounts for 90 percent of your portfolio's ultimate volatility and has has the largest impact on risk and return. The most important investment decisions you can make are the ones regarding your portfolio’s allocations to stocks, bonds, cash, real estate and other alternatives. Simply put, we are here to align your assets with your aspirations.


Your Future Is Assured

One key way of keeping your money working for you is through astute management of a properly allocated and diversified portfolio by a trusted advisor with an eye toward tax and cost efficiency. Integrated advice regarding taxes, your estate, insurance, and investments can give you greater peace of mind. Sophisticated planning provides the clarity and confidence to make your best decisions.

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