Are Bonds Boring?

by Alan Hopkins | September 6, 2019
Bonds are boring, right? Stocks jump up and down and all over the place, and over several years they might even jump 100% in value. Meanwhile, the...

Fixing Social Security—Once and For All

by Alan Hopkins | July 21, 2019
Chances are that you know that the Social Security trust fund is due to run out of money—or “deplete its reserves” as economists put it—by the year...

Retirement Patchwork

by Robert Katch | July 18, 2019
If you imagine that the U.S. Congress would create a simple, easy-to-understand system for determining when you can make contributions to retirement...

Are Americans Really That Destitute?

by Robert Katch | July 15, 2019
You’ve probably heard, in campaign speeches by Democratic Presidential contenders, that almost half of all Americans couldn’t cover a $400 emergency...

Crypto Legitimacy?

by Alan Hopkins | July 10, 2019
Most investment managers and financial planners avoid bitcoins as an investment or as a currency, for a few reasons. First, the coins are not backed...

States the Size of Countries

by Robert Katch | July 8, 2019
It can sometimes be hard to understand just how large the U.S. economy is compared with the other countries of the world.  You’ve probably read that...

Market Update – Summer 2019

by Robert Katch | July 1, 2019
How to make sense out of the recent market behavior?  We all experienced a painful decline in December 2018 before the markets took a sharp (and...
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