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When will you be able to afford to retire? What is the best way to minimize your taxes? Can you retire early and withdraw from your 401(k) without getting penalized? Are you drowning in a sea of financial complexities regarding your compensation and corporate benefits? Will your family be secure if something happens to you?

Manchester Financial is located just 10 minutes from Amgen’s Thousand Oaks Campus. We have helped Amgen employees and retirees for decades. Our ability to manage your life savings and help you plan for and thrive in retirement is rooted in a thorough understanding of your Amgen benefits.

You will find that Manchester Financial’s expert advisors and sophisticated tools will clarify and simplify your decisions. We will listen to you, ask the right questions, and deliver personalized solutions so you can stay focused on your career without having to worry about your finances.

We can help you:

  • Retire when you want and how you want with sophisticated and personalized financial and retirement planning.
  • Maximize your Amgen benefits.
  • Manage, protect, and grow your 401(k).
  • Protect your family with integrated analysis and advice on proper insurance and estate strategies.
  • Optimize your Social Security benefits.
  • Build a proactive financial plan regarding employment and layoff issues.
  • Coordinate tax and AMT reduction strategies.
  • Develop the clarity and confidence to make more informed financial decisions.
  • Have ongoing access to trusted advice, educational events, and the best strategies available to Amgen employees.

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