Manchester Financial was recently mentioned in the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. The article discusses the how the current market and financial technology are impacting money managers.  

Investors have experienced decent returns in the last year thanks to the stock boom, but the recent market volatility and aftermath of the tax reform has caused investors to rethink how they structure their portfolios.

“You can’t predict what the market will do,” said Alan Hopkins, Manchester Financial Chief Economic Strategist. “At Manchester Financial, we’re constantly working to educate our clients and adjust portfolios as needed.”

“Most of our clients’ taxes are going up, so you have to be that much more tax savvy,” said Manchester Financial President Robert Katch.

According to Katch, client demand for equities has decreased over the last few months. The decreased demand is partially due to fears about fluctuations in the market.

“One of the things I tell (my clients) in these corrections is to think of it like an earthquake. These corrections are like a 3.0 tremor instead of a 7.0 quake. It’s the pressure release that allows markets to carry on.”

Katch recommends investors maintain a balanced portfolio. Most of Manchester Financial’s client portfolios contain between 40 and 60 percent stocks.

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