If Lottery Winners Have a Team, Should You Have One Too?

by Manchester Financial | October 23, 2018
Lottery jackpots are making headlines again, with the current payout climbing over $1 billion and attracting attention from dreamers everywhere....

Back-Door Roth IRA Conversion Strategy – 3 Things to Keep in Mind

by Manchester Financial | October 2, 2018
What is a Roth IRA? “Life is not getting cheaper for millions of American families … it’s only fair to let them keep more of their hard-earned...

What is the NUA Tax Break and How Can You Get It?

by Robert Katch | September 25, 2018
Tax laws have been in the news a lot this year and they just seem to get more and more complicated. While not everyone needs to be a tax expert, we...

Invested in People: The Manchester Financial Team

by Manchester Financial | September 20, 2018
The following article was written by Michael Gonzalez and originally appeared in “Malibu Magazine.” You can read the original version here. Founded...

What We Can Learn from Estate Planning Mistakes Made by Celebrities

by Laura Navarro | September 18, 2018
Soon after the “Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin’s death this summer, my husband and I were reminiscing about her most popular songs when he turned to...

Why Every Millennial Should Consider Funding a Roth IRA

by Seth Catanese | August 21, 2018
For Millennials, Retirement may seem like a long time away. However, the sooner you begin investing, the more you will see your retirement dollars...

Six Items Retirees Should Leave at Home

by Steve Scott | August 14, 2018
You, and your hard-earned money, have finally made it over the finish line and into the retirement you so richly deserve. Why then would you risk...
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