Pinto or Porsche…What were you sold?

by Manchester Financial | September 24, 2001
Many people find that working with their investment advisor is as awkward as dealing with an auto mechanic. We’ve all had that uncomfortable feeling...

Mad Dow Disease

by Manchester Financial | May 25, 2001
Since December 31, 1999, the Dow has declined 7%. For many years, the only technology stock in the Dow was IBM. But, due to the great returns of...

Stocks: From Lemons to Lemonade

by Manchester Financial | March 25, 2001
You should not look at the stock market to make you wealthy. You should think of the stock market as a place where your wealth can be protected and...

Knowledge Is The Antidote To Fear – Ralph Waldo Emerson

by Manchester Financial | January 29, 2001
Most financial advisory businesses grew rapidly during the last decade. This was, however, the greatest bull market in history! For most of the past...

NASDAQ Math: 85 – 39 = 12.8

by Manchester Financial | January 25, 2001
In 1999 the NASDAQ went up an astonishing 85%, and then followed that feat with a stunning –39% drop. Most investors would assume that 85% - 39%...

Market Update – January 10, 2001

by Manchester Financial | January 10, 2001
Most investors will be glad to say goodbye to the year 2000. The S&P 500 had its worst performance in over 10 years and the NASDAQ suffered its...

Market Update – January 15, 2000

by Manchester Financial | January 15, 2000
The stock market has begun the new millennium with more ups and downs than an elevator on the Empire State Building. Unfortunately, this will...
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